Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So, fly fisherman are only the nicest people ever...

Last friday I was walking around campus with my rod tube... don't ask why.  A faculty member approached me asking what type of rod it was, where I fish and if I was having luck.  I told him about the spot on the Shawsheen, that the rod was a 9' 5 weight and that I had yet to catch a fish, but that I met a guy who was getting hits on green woolly buggers.  He had somewhere to be so he wished me luck before heading off.  I already told you what happened during my sunday trip to the river, so I will finish the story to fully prove my point that fly fisherman are the model communistic society.  Today I ran into the same faculty member who asked me if I had any luck this week.  I told him about the dropper rig, but also that I hadn't had any luck.  He asked if I used any of the green woolly buggers, which I hadn't... I used and lost my last woolly bugger the trip before.  He asked what dorm I was in and after answering him he said he would drop off a few green woolly buggers to aid my case.  This is why fly fisherman form the model communist society (not saying that we are communist... I personally believe wholeheartedly in capitalism and have a whole theory on why it is more productive but that will be a long tangent), if the fish are biting on a fly that guy A has, but guy B doesn't have any of, almost unfailingly guy A offers him one of the successful flies if he has extras (at least this is the case from my experience).  No fly fisherman enjoys watching another one in frustration.

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