Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little bit of the wrong type of luck.

Sorry I haven't posted for this week yet, Ive had a lot of work.  I rolled out of bed around 730 to go fishing the sunday after my first crew race (we won).  Walked down to the river, rigged my rod, and opened my fly box.  The grasshopper I had been given fell out, sending me into a state of guilt for loosing the fly that I had been given only the week before, without even tying it on the line.  Instead of the nymph dropper rig, I tied on a green and black wooly bugger.  After fishing that for around 40 minutes at 3-4 spots up and down the river I sat down next to my bag where I had dropped the fly.  I sat and listened to music/catnaped for a little bit, before getting up to cast some more... I probably should have switched my fly but oh well.  A little while later I realized there was something sticking through my pants scratching my leg, expecting a thorn I reached down to pluck it out and what do you know!  My grasshopper had attached itself to my jeans, but it was time to go back and finish my history paper due the next day.  This weekend may be the weekend, hopefully.


  1. Greer you obviously know that school is more important than fishing otherwise I would see you at the river more often. There will be plenty of time to fish in your future.

    Every time to the river is another lesson learned and then one day it will all fall together. Hang in there.

    See you later.

  2. Every sunday usually you can find mw down there... Just realized how many sentences I stared with "I" in that post... My english teacher would kill me.