Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2nd to last weekend at the river...

On saturday my crew race was canceled due to a dead body found floating in the Merrimack, straight through our race course...  Of course, this allowed for more fishing! I had already been down to the river in the morning and casted every type of nymph I have to every spot on the stretch of river I usually fish... I was down there from around 7 untill almost noon with ZERO strikes, bites or anything of the sort.  Hungry and dejected I returned to campus for lunch.  I was hanging out with my future roommate and the topic of fishing came up because he asked that I try not to wake him up on my way to the river next year.  He also said he had never been fishing in his life... I knew there was a reason I brought 2 spinning rods!!!!!!!  Because we were just going for fun We brought speakers, food and drinks, planning to stay untill we had to get flowers for our dates to the formal dance later that night.  I had never taught anyone to fish, but I love sharing my passions with other people, and he was hooked (no pun intended) as soon as he could cast without tangling the line.  We spent 3 or 4 hours down there before realizing we had to go.  Although there were no fish to be caught we had an awesome time and he wants to come this weekend!  Hopefully I can get him his first fish... I may go get some worms or crawlers from the convenience store so we get some fish and get him really excited about fishing.  I will still be going fly fishing this weekend and if I have time during finals week I may go once or twice, depending on what I have the next day.  This summer will include many trips to the Farmington River as well as the Saugatuck river and reservoir, closer to my house.  I also plan on getting into salt water fly fishing as my dad has 2 rods for this, but doesn't fish, although he wholeheartedly supports my fishing endeavors.

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  1. Hey Greer.....it sounds like you had fun and got another person interested in fishing. How can you beat that (I know catch a trout)?

    It is not always about the fish and that will be one of those times that both of you won't forget.

    Best wishes on your finals and getting that trout.