Monday, May 30, 2011

Too warm for trout?

It is now finals week and I went down to the river for one last time sunday.  It was hot... very hot... I took the same friend I took last week, but just for fun we brought worms so he could catch a fish.    I SINCERELY BELIVE THE AREA OF THE RIVER WALKING DISTANCE FROM SCHOOL IS OUTFISHED! With a worm and bobber our only luck was a perch smaller than my hand.  I talked to one of my friends who is an avid fisherman and he said that if you are catching perch it i too warm for the Trout.  Now, we were down there mid day because of a late night the day before and a need to study for finals that night which definitely affected out luck.  When he said too warm for trout did he mean they just aren't active at warm temperatures or that they had moved on entirely?  I plan to do a few big river trips this Summer as well as salt water fly fishing to land the first fish on a fly rod!


  1. Greer.....I am not "rubbing it in" but I caught another rainbow today (I left around Noon). I understand what your friend said but they are still there.

    From what I read the trout will find cooler parts of the water (i.e. shade, rapids, bank overhangs, etc.).

    The water level is low as you saw but I caught the fish in the middle of the river by the tree that overhangs the river (where I saw you last time).

    I just finished a book by a woman I met at Sportsman Show at the DCU Center back in February. The name of the book is called Positive Fly-fishing by Marla Blair. She is a guide/instructor and she brings people to the Farmington River so you may want to take a lesson from her.

    Have a safe summer and enjoy your fishing trips.

    See you next fall.

    Tight lines.

  2. generally, if there are perch the trout will not be in the same area all together. I would try moving upstream, where the water should be colder. Good luck with that first fish on the fly!

    Justin S

  3. Interesting post !

    Fishing Fly you away from reality for a short time and makes you one with the world around you.

  4. Justin is right with his above post. Great blog, you got a new follower.

  5. Thanks Justin, I will try that next year, but sadly I no longer have such easy access to a freshwater river. Now most of my attention will be on salt water fly fishing, but I will occasionally get to fresh water trout rivers.

    Thanks to my new followers!