Friday, May 13, 2011


Didn't have class till mid morning today so I went to the river... Fished the nymph dropper rig and got 5 hits in the first hour, but no luck.  Then this guy with his spinning rod came up river and landed a 13-14 inch rainbow, real beautiful fish... After he got the fish we talked for a little and I ended up buying one of the lures he caught the fish on from him, because I am waiting on my order of flies to come from amazon.  After 5 minutes with the spinner I had a similar rainbow in the line XD reeled him all the way up to me, but he got off before I could pick him up for a picture...  Now I have a better Idea of where to fish instead of just letting the fly float randomly, I know where the good holes are and I will always use my waders instead of trying to cast across the river, with hopefully improved results... Cant wait to try out my new flies next week and maybe land a fish on a fly rod?


  1. Hi Greer.....what type of flies did you order?

    I finally got a rainbow on a Gold Bead Prince Nymph. I also had a lot of hits on a Pheasant Tail. You can see the first trout I caught on my blog.

    Best wishes on your trip to the river and bring that elusive trout to the shore.

  2. I had read your posts and those are exactly the flies i got along with some red worm thing! Congrats on the trout and good luck on your future trips to the river! maybe ill run into you again?

  3. Thanks Greer.

    School must be almost over so you'll be heading home soon.

    Follow Alan (brktrt) at Small Stream Reflections because he lives in CT too and he can put you on some nice streams to continue your fly-fishing adventures during the summer.

    Good luck on your exams and if I don't see you have a safe summer and I will see you in the fall on the river. Tight lines.

  4. Just a few more weeks (its gone by so fast!!). I will look into Small Stream Reflections and will without a doubt continue to fly fish during the summer, Thanks and tight lines to you too.